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size and content

Differently than with many other products, not only the amount is grasped in CLAKS in a container or the container size, but both information. Perhaps this is a little more complicated at first sight , but it also has advantages. Thus can be determined, e.g., only in the container size how big a full label must be. Also you would probably like to know with pleasure how much of a substance they still have topically, and not how much you had sometimes. Also both information is required while pouring, so that does not become in a container any more filled than really there fits in. In addition to both information you see further below still a small graphic representation of your bundle with the topical filling state. According to height of the filling state this changes the colour of green (completely) about Yellow after Red (almost blank). With the information of size and contents you have the choice of different units, for the choice stand under other „µ l“, "ml", "l", “µ g“, "mg", "g", "kg", "t", "piece", "Unit", and many more.