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European Chemicals Agency

The ECHA regulates the technical, scientific and administrative aspects with the registration, assessment and licensing of chemicals. It is an authority in the EU with headquarter in Helsinki, Finland.
The ECHA exists of a secretariat and several committees.
The secretariat supports the committees in scientific, technical and administrative manner. It is of the other the central switch place of REACH.

Duties of the ECHA

Supervises the chemical security and forms a network with the authorities of the member states

Decides together with the authorities of the member states statements to the risks going out from the materials as well as to the socioeconomic results of planned measures to the risk limitation (licensings, bans, restrictions)

Compiles guides to the support of the enterprises and maintains a central material data bankdecides with approval of all member states on the toxicological and ecological-toxicological investigations which are to be carried out for the clarification more possibly of dangerous material qualitiesit disposes of decision-making powers, nevertheless, only restricted

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