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ADR (transport)

ADR (Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route)

European arrangement about the international transportation of dangerous goods on the street
contains special regulations for packaging, load security and marking of danger property for the traffic. In the 9/30/1957 the ADR was confirmed in Geneva under the instructions of UN / ECE (Economic Commission for Europe). The ADR is a valid EU order and today owns in all EU states his validity. In addition, the ADR is adapted every two years to the most topical technical and juridical knowledge.

The ADR regulates:

  • The goods to be transported are classified as a danger property and his accompanying safety measures
  • Documentation (promotional paper) and marking and written instruction (accident leaflet) of the danger good transport.
  • The construction of tanks, vehicles for danger good transports and containers
  • The freeing from the compliance of the ADR rules
  • Multimodal danger material good transport: Street – ship, train or airplane

The danger good marking of transport packaging and vehicles with danger slips of paper, on vehicles also the danger board; orange-colouring warning board with the UN number and the danger number; Kemler number.