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Function accounts and/or personally accounts?

Often there is the question what makes more sense, functional accounts or personal accounts. This depends on how often single people must/should work with CLAKS and how often people change in an area. As a rule it makes sense that every one will get a personal account. The advantage is that even in years later you can comprehend who and which substances somebody has worked with or which substances have been in the space and where somebody has worked.This can be later good of use, e.g. occupational diseases .You can be ascertained with personal account easily who has changed what it is in a container, if it comes sometimes to problems.
You can easily ascertained with a personal account who changed the container and what kind of container was changed, if it comes to problems sometime.But, e.g., in training periods which are maybe only 4-6 weeks last and where the people have contact only with few materials, a personal account does not make a lot of sense there . There is a functional account rather the right choice, if it is generally necessary. Besides it also comes up to make a functional account, e.g., if the assistants will change regularly in a training period . It would be to much work for the administrator to make new accounts every few weeks , to transfer containers of one person to another, and to delete old accounts.