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Takeover of aged data

It is always asked again if a takeover of old data in CLAKS is possible . Mostly it is possible; besides, it is always a question if it is meaningful. With which you have administered your data before, it creeps almost always mistakes which are taken over then under circumstances in CLAKS with, or before must be mended. As a rule leads to an unreasonably high amount of work involved, so that one should use the chance to carry out immediately a new admission of the data.

There are also fields in CLAKS which make a post care of every bundle urges. Thus only the whole size of a container is often grasped, e.g. or only the contents. However, in CLAKS both amounts are required.Furthermore there will be inaccuracies from faulty catalogues or data and for example wrong CAS numbers will be attached to the substances which will be inserting wrong into CLAKS as well.Finally you have to open each container to print the container barcode even if you take over the old data. And you also must take the chemical bottle in hand at least once to stick on the container barcode. There it is obvious to grasp all containers with CLAKS completely anew, even if it seems more complex at first sight.