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full labels with adherence 67/548/EWG and GHS/CLP

If you start a new chemically resistant container or the inscription, warning tips, danger symbols, etc. which is no longer law current CLAKS offers you the possibility to print also full labels.
Besides you have the choice between the old identification after 67/548/EWG and the new identification to GHS/CLP.
It is suggested to you the legally prescribed least dimensions of the labels accordingly to the volume of the bundle.
The full label includes beside the substance name and if necessary of the concentration, the danger symbols or pictogram’s, the R&S or the P&H sentences, if necessary the classification CMR, the CAS number, the bundle bar code, the bundle number, the location, the article number, as well as if necessary a freely eligible text.
In addition to this label, you have the possibility to print out to yourselves the second label with the written out R-or P sentences as well.