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min/max-thresholds, test cycles, storage life

CLAKS also offers you various possibilities constantly to supervise your continuance and informs you if something is beyond the values given by you . Thus you can put down, e.g., with substances min. / max thresholds. If value is fallen short to the min., it will indicate you that the substance must be reordered. If max. is crossed you will receive also an announcement while recording or put down anew container.
Furthermore you can brag in CLAKS when the next stocktaking is necessary, so how long or till when all containers are "valid. Because it can be necessary with some substances or container kinds to give a date which deviates from the stocktaking date, this was also realised. Thus the suitable safety standards authority date can be given, for example, for compressed gas bottles. A data field "Durability" will be introduced soon, this should also be a validity date deviating from the stocktaking date. Then it would be applicable, e.g., for food, compounds with defined durability date, etc.