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Development of an user hierarchy

Bevor you start to work with CLAKS it is very important to develope an user`s hierarchy.
Besides, you should clear in the approach which departments and which storages there are.
Where it makes sense to put groups together or to cut
Which "top" departments / groups make sense.
Who should be able to see / change containers, or who may shouldn´t see or change containers.

Where should be personal accounts used, and where functional accounts should be used, and a lot more.
If you clarify the whole already in the approach and develop, you do not need a lot of changing later if necessary .
Otherwise it can lead to it that you won´t notice this that everything as well as it was thought won´t fit, that somewhere are not enough group numbers exist, or groups who should be able to see themselves together, do not see themselves and a lot more.
Of course you can change this also afterwards, but this can become be very extravagantly, thus you should plan rather before.